Toward Better GHC Syntax Errors

As a neophyte to functional programming and Haskell, with full appreciation over the succinctly outputted type errors, for a long time I felt something was remiss with the output of syntax errors. In this post I present a preliminary fix to GHC that improves in the aforementioned arena.

Build Maneuverings with External Linux Kernel Modules

Much of the material relating to writing Linux kernel modules does not discuss the scenario where you would like to replace existing kernel code or a driver with a wrapping interface, or a whole new implementation of the same component, or another scenario where you have one external kernel module that depends on another. Our Linux kernel is a standalone component and it doesn't like these sort of tricks, but its build system is advanced enough to allow to implement them cleanly.

Six Principles of How I Write My Journal

Despite not being a frequent blogger, I am consistent with keeping a private journal that documents my life. The level of depth and introspection achievable with a private journal is different than what can be expected from a public blog or posts in a social network profile (which show mostly an external view), and over the years I have learned about how greatly it contributed to my decision making process and understanding of self.

Success of VM infrastructure explained by historically crippled OS design

During the last decade we have seen the rise of server and desktop virtualisation infrastructure as the official and standard means of creating services and resources isolation at both the client and server side. System virtualization provided rigid management of computing resources over standardized PC and server hardware for the first time.

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