I'm a software developer, working as contractor for several companies. When I first learned about the existence of computers I marveled at the ability to program them, and so I taught myself the m├ętier in the mid-1990's. I also hold a B.Sc in computer science.

My expertise is a wide arch, ranging from low-level Linux kernel hacking and machine code to compilers, Rust and Haskell programming, software packaging, build automation, and more. I've been following Linux kernel development since year 2000, and had the joy of adopting Git since its inception in 2005.

I authored and contributed patches to various kinds of open source projects, namely the Linux kernel (of which coLinux was a project of mine I presented in OLS 2004), QEMU, tmux, Neovim, cargo, rust, and many more. For more details, see a comprehensive list of my OSS contributions.

Other interests are playing and studying music, languages, and knowledge in various fields of science.

My development environment is composed of zsh, tmux (with patches), with Neovim as editor and Fedora Linux as a desktop and laptop OS.